Touristic Sites

Beirut, using its trillion-plus occupants, provides a way of electricity and living that is quickly noticeable. The Biosphere Reserve organizes walks through the book along with the excursions take a sensible tourist tactic including meal organized by the district in Mchati and an overnight stay in the area Dimitriades Guesthouse (71 307301) in Ghbeleh Community. Of the countryside, readers could have a breathtaking view in the peak of the rugged mountains, eastward for Qaraoun River and the Bekaa Valley and westward toward the Med. Traveling to the east from Maasser al Shouf place goes to the Bekaa Area where you are able to visit Kefraya vineyard, the Aammiq Wetlands (good for bird watching) and Qaraoun River. It attracts both pilgrims and travelers who wish to enjoy sights of the bay of Joumieh.

In Ehden, tracks forged sometime ago by farmers, foresters, villagers and nature-lovers, lead to miracles in a little forest, situated on the foothills of Support Makmel, Northern Lebanon.Taking the road to Jouit, in the principal entrance of the forest, a natural island seems amidst the high-mountain mountains, longing for winter, spring, summer and autumnal readers.

You miss out the auto journey to Batroun totally and cycle it from Beirut or may also visit the notable sites near the dock by bicycle. Sceneries imprint your tones with photos of of open space adopting plains of Isael Arrowtown and Tiberias River as well as stretches of the Valley with Qaraoun Pond. It's feasible to prepare clinical tours for high school and college students. Resting over a small area 80-meter off the coast of Sidon is the famous sea adventure. It is attractive for many causes: the magnificient developed surfaces, the laid-out river and also the delicious cheese.